Affordable Alternatives to The Benrus Type I & II Vintage Watch

Hi guys, so lately I’ve been introduced to a very interesting military watch specifically the Benrus Type I and Benrus Type II. Before we dive into this blog post, here are some key points and history about the Benrus watch brand itself:

  • Founded in NYC in 1921, by a watch repair shop
  • Founder was an immigrant with Romanian origins by the name of Benjamin Lazrus
  • Ben(jamin)+(Laz)rus= Benrus
  • In the 1950’s they had a failed attempt at a hostile takeover of theHamilton watch company
  • In the 1960’s they entered into the automotiveĀ industryĀ with steering wheel-mounted self-winding clocks
  • Today it is owned by Giovanni Feroce, a retired American military officer
  • Lately Benrus is also being marketed as a lifestyle brand

moving forward…

Being the naive and shameless watch collector that I am, I decided ‘let’s have a look shall we? can’t be thaaaattt expensive..’,Ā followed on by my instant regret because it costs between a staggering $1,800 up to $3,800 (bare in mind these are watches from 1972-1976). HoweverĀ I still really want one (but haveĀ yet to buyĀ one).

The aspect that draws me most to this watch is the case and the sterile dial amongst other things. Given the watch was planted in the back of my mind, I knew that I wasn’t the only person on the face of the planet who wouldn’t fork out that much for a watch at the current time. So I decided to do some more research on other reputable brandsĀ that produce military watches similar to the Benrus Type I & II. As the research progressed it takes a turn towardsĀ homageĀ orĀ tributeĀ watches, now for you lovely individuals who love to hate on homage watches I’ll just leave this saying right here; “A penny for your thoughts, a hundred bucks to keep them to your self!” cause we all can’t afford the real deal. So here are threeĀ homage alternatives that I believe make an exceptional tribute.Featured Images on theomnom (4).jpg

Featured Images on theomnom (5).jpgFeatured Images on theomnom (7).jpg

So there we have it, threeĀ homages to the Benrus Type I & II worth mentioning. Now I know that there are other homages you may find on ebay, but in all honesty I couldn’t be a*sed to mention it simply because of their movements. I don’t mean to be a snob but a watch that pays tribute to the calibre of the Benrus at least deserves to be an automatic, you might disagree but #sorrynotsorry. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this cause I enjoyed researching them, now time to see if I can get my hands on one.

Until next time, Ciao.




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