Watch Styles You Should Know


“Concision in style, precision in thought, decision in life.” –  Victor Hugo

For some folks, a watch is just a watch. For watch geeks like myself, there’s more to it that just what meets the eye. When I think of watch styles, my first thought that comes to my head is a 16 year old me sitting in my IB Biology HL course being told that ‘form follows function’. Now most of you might not know what the hell I’m talking about, but lucky you I’m about to drop some knowledge on your asses, so shut up and continue reading. Whether it’s nature, whether its human biology, animal biology, marine biology or even engineering one must understand what form follows function means. It’s as simple as this… everything created takes a certain form and that certain form has little to no redundant qualities making it functional thus giving it ability to perform in what it was created for. So getting back to watch styles, watches have been around for a very long time and before we had smart phones or phones to tell us the time we needed watches to keep time. Hence giving birth to different watches under different professions. So here are some watch styles you need to know to figure out what you truly like. Featured Images on theomnom (7).jpgFeatured Images on theomnom (8).jpgFeatured Images on theomnom (9).jpgFeatured Images on theomnom (10).jpgFeatured Images on theomnom (11).jpg


So there you go guys the different watch styles you should familiarize yourselves with. Not everything I’ve stated has to be true and set in stone to each style. It’s merely a collection of my experiences of the different styles I’ve owned. Some of you guys may only like one particular style and choose to have 10 different watches in the same style that’s perfectly fine. And nonetheless I should make this statement because sometimes common sense isnt common enough… YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A DIVER TO OWN A DIVE WATCH (I take my dive watches desk diving at the office LOL!) OR A PILOT TO OWN A PILOT WATCH, just buy what you like and wear it with confidence cause honestly no one gives a pile of sh*t what you wear, only the nerds like myself will notice. So as long as you like it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Have a good one gents, until next time. Ciao.