My choice of purple lipstick

Lipstick colours are tricky for every girl. But if you love the dark shades, or your getting older and somehow you’ve realised that they are starting to suit your face (sigh). Here our my favourite purple lipstick colours you must try!

  1. Topped With Brandy by MAC : This Retro MATT lip liquid is my top choice
    Price: 1,100THB 
    My View:
    Love wearing this on casual days and date-nights! But sometimes it get’s very dry, so i suggest you wear another non-matt lipstick or lip balm before applying
    Rating: ★★★★
  2. Fetish by Lime Crime
    My View: If your going for a bold and beautiful look, this is your go-to-colour. Got introduced to this by a professional make-up artists.
    Price: 890THB
  3. Energy by Illamasqua
    My View: It’s a very barbie-girly purple, if your out to a day party and want something cute to go with the dress- perfect choice!
    Price: 990THB
    Rating: ★★★

Seriously though, Purple Lipstick works with every look!

My favourite shade of purple (1)

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