🇮🇩 Bucket List: Jogja

Since there was no direct flight from Bangkok we flew via Singapore & it was about a 7-8 hour journey- PAUSE: before you tell yourself that “thats way too long to travel within Asia”– it’s serious bucket list material.



Firstly it’s hard to get to, so it’s not a commercial city at all! There isn’t much to do apart from sight see and the hotels are average. The only alcohol we count find was Bintang, but then again when in Indonesia- thats the way to go!

We spent 2 nights, 3 days there and it was short and sweet! A place where you can enjoy your hotel and the facilities apart from seeing temples in the mornings and days.

So here’s our top 3 most favourite things to do in yogyakarta:

  1. Prambanan Templethings to do in yogyakarta
    Tip: Get a tour guide who speaks english, it was so worth it!! (Entrance fee was approximately 20USD)
  2. Borobudur Temple Untitled design (1)
    Tip: Go for sunrise, it’s stunning! (Entrance fee was approximately 30USD)
  3. Mount Merapi Untitled design (2)
    Tip: Get a open-top jeep (can be hired once you get to Mt Merapi area entrance, which takes you up to see the volcano and a small open are museum type of place) & wear a mask!

There are plenty of other things to do in Yogyakarta- but these three are not to be missed!

Terima Kasih!